Woman shot dead near Gaza barrier by Israelis

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The Israeli military have shot dead a Palestinian woman who locals say was mentally ill, near the Gaza-Israel security barrier. The area near the border is declared a no-go zone by Israel.

The incident happened near the southern city of Khan Younis, late on Friday.

Israel says it maintains the buffer zone to prevent attacks by militants. There have been numerous shootings of Palestinians who breach the area in spite of warnings.

The Israeli military said the woman was part of a group that ignored orders to leave the area, at which point they fired at the legs of the group, hitting one. Gaza authorities and the woman’s neighbours said Amna Qdaih suffered from mental illness and they did not know why she was near the fence.

Ms Qdaih’s body was found and transferred to a hospital early on Saturday. Local authorities claimed she was hit by several bullets.


Islamists attack school in Nigeria

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Students in northeastern Nigeria were killed in an attack on their boarding school by Boko Haram Islamists. It was not immediately clear how many were killed.

“There were burnt bodies of students who cannot be easily identified,” State Police Commissioner Sanusi Rafai said.

The attack happened at a secondary school in Buni Yadi, near the the capital of Yobe state. It came three days after President Goodluck Jonathan sent his top military chiefs to the northeastern part of the country to try to quell violence there.

Blast in Lybia kills 10

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A blast at a weapons shop in southern Lybia has killed at least 10 people. State television said people had been attempting to steal copper wire from an arms depot in Brak al-Shati, near Sabha.

Officials report the death toll in 10, but fear it may reach 30.

Meanwhile, at least three soldiers have reportedly been killed in clashes with an armed group in Benghazi.

British soldiers killed unarmed civilians

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British soldiers in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, have killed unarmed civilians over an 18 month period. The soldiers were from an undercover unit.

The ex-members of the Military Reaction Force (disbanded in 1973) said they were tasked with huntin ¡g down IRA members in Belfastm, the capital of Northern Ireland. They also said that they believes the unit was saving lives.

The details have emerged a day after Northern Ireland’s attorney general, John Larkin, suggested ending any prosecutions over Troubles-related killings that took place before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

Three former members of the unit, said they had posed as Belfast City Council road sweepers, dustmen and even “meths drinkers”, carrying out surveillance from street gutters. But they also had another work to do. One of the soldiers said that they had aslo killed suspected members of the IRA.

There were more than 10,600 shootings in Northern Ireland, and since the MRF official records have been destroyed, there is no way of knowing how many of those shootings was the MRF responsible.

There are allegations that the soldiers killed unarmed, inocent citizens, since the MRF killed with the slightest suspicion of people being an IRA member.


The Irish Republican Army was a revolutionary military organization. The IRA carried a guerilla campaign against the British rule in Ireland. The IRA planted an average of 5 bombs a day in 1972, totaling over 18,00.

The MRF was responsible of eleminating the IRA group.

The killings happened at the peak of the bombing campaign of the IRA

Paris gunman suspect arrested

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The French police force has arrested a suspect on the recent gun attacks in Paris. (read more about the gun attacks in Paris here) The suspect was found in a stationary car in an underground car park, following a tip-off from an anonymous member of the public.

He was aprehended in Bois-Colombes in the north-west area of Paris. The police said the man arrested resembles strongly the man in the security footage.

The reading of the man’s rights was posponed and he is not in a position to be questioned. No identity or motive of the man have been released by the police.

Pictures of the man from security footage were handed out

Somali African Union base striked by bomb

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The African Union base in the city of Beledweynbe, Somalia, was struck by a bomb attack.

Witnesses report a car rammed the front gates, blew up and then gunmen came in. The spokesman of the al-Shabab group, a group related to al-Qaeda, said the group was responsible for the attack.

The car was driven by a suicider bomber whose job was to open the gates and clear it from anyone near, then, gunmen came in and started shooting at people. Ten people are reported dead.

“…The situation is now under control”, said the senior police commander Col Abdulkadir Ali from the local police force.

The al-Shabab were also responsible for the attack of the Westgate shopping center las Septmber, which killed 67 people in a four day stage.


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Libya spy chief released from kidnap

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Libya’s deputy intelligence chief has been released after his abduction yesterday (read the article of this here)

Mustafa Nuh had reportedly been held by gunmen from the western town of Zintan.

Meanwhile, Tripoli is observing a three-day strike after militias from Misrata city opened fire on demonstrators, killing more than 40 people on Friday and Saturday.

The Misrata militia have been ordered to leave Tripoli within three days.

Two years after its revolution, Libya still lacks a stable government.

The rival militias from across the country that helped topple Col Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 have so far refused to disarm.

They seize senior officials to gain political leverage.

Mr Nuh was bundled into a car after arriving at Tripoli international airport on Sunday, but was released on Monday morning.