Truck bomb kills thirteen in Afghanistan

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A truck-bomb explosion has killed at least 13 people in the capital of Afghanistan’s Logar province, a provincial spokesman said.

The attack Saturday night killed four civilians and several militants, including members of the Pakistani Taliban and an affiliated group, said Din Mohammad Darwis, the spokesman.

It happened in Pul e Alam, in central Afghanistan.


Shootings and bombings leave 33 dead in Iraq

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A series of shootings and bombings have left at least 33 people dead across Iraq, officials say.

In Baghdad, the bodies of 18 people who had been executed were found in Shia and Sunni districts, including three men and two women from the same family.

Meanwhile, nine people died and 20 were injured in the city of Ramadi, west of the capital, when suicide bombers and gunmen attacked two police stations.

Sectarian violence has surged across the country in recent months.

The UN says 979 people – including 158 police and 127 military personnel – were killed in violent attacks in October. More than 6,500 civilians have died since January, the highest annual toll since 2008.

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Mali’s coup leader charged with “murders and assassinations”

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The ex-coup leader of the Republic of Mali has been charged with various murders and assassinations.

Armed troops went to Amadou Sanogo’s home to take him before a judge, after which he was remanded in custody.

Amadou Sanogo, the ex-coup leader
Amadou Sanogo, the ex-coup leader

He has twice ignored a summons issued in October by a judge to answer questions about events surrounding the March 2012 coup.

It plunged Mali into chaos, allowing Islamist militants to take over territory in the north.

The al-Qaeda-linked insurgents were ousted from the major towns in the north with the help of France and West African troops earlier this year.

Seven children die of a mine blast in Afghanistan

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Seven children who were playing in a road in Afghanistan, died when a mine exploded. They were playing in the Khairkut district of Paktika and triggered the land mine whilst jumping around.

The Afghan government blamed “the enemies of peace”, not refering to any insurgent group in particular.

The UN said that there have been hundreds of children killed this year only in explosions or fights against the militia.


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Libya spy chief released from kidnap

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Libya’s deputy intelligence chief has been released after his abduction yesterday (read the article of this here)

Mustafa Nuh had reportedly been held by gunmen from the western town of Zintan.

Meanwhile, Tripoli is observing a three-day strike after militias from Misrata city opened fire on demonstrators, killing more than 40 people on Friday and Saturday.

The Misrata militia have been ordered to leave Tripoli within three days.

Two years after its revolution, Libya still lacks a stable government.

The rival militias from across the country that helped topple Col Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 have so far refused to disarm.

They seize senior officials to gain political leverage.

Mr Nuh was bundled into a car after arriving at Tripoli international airport on Sunday, but was released on Monday morning.

Bomb kills 31 in a Syrian government building

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A bomb exploded in a Syrian government building near Damascus, 31 people died, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, yet, no confirmation from the media nor government officials has been said.

The bombs were put in the basement, which means the opposition fighters were able to breach building security to plant the bomb. Four generals are amongst the dead.

Damascus has suffered from violence recently due to clashes between the militias and the government.

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