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Polio workers attacked and killed in Pakistan

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Eleven people were killed Saturday when two vans carrying a polio vaccination team were hit by a roadside bomb in Pakistan’s northern Khyber Agency, authorities said.

Among the dead was an 8-year-old child; 12 other people were wounded, Khbyer Agency surgeon Dr. Rehman Khan said. Ten of the fatalities were tribal policemen called Khasadars, he said.

Though the security forces and militants engaged the attackers in a gun battle, the militants escaped, he said.

The Khyber Agency is a loosely governed tribal region that borders on Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s military had resumed operations against suspected Taliban strongholds in Khyber and other nearby agencies, after peace talks with the militant group broke down last month in the wake of attacks by the group.


U.S. may withdrawal from Afghanistan

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The Obama administration told Afghanistan on Tuesday that for the first time it has started planning for the possible withdrawal of all U.S. troops by the end of the year if no security agreement is signed.

Statements by the White House and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel showed President Barack Obama’s impatience with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai’s refusal to sign the agreement that would keep several thousand American troops in the country after combat operations conclude this year.

In a phone call with Karzai on Tuesday to discuss upcoming elections for a new Afghan leader, Obama made clear that time was running out to properly plan for keeping any U.S. forces in the country beyond 2014, the White House said.

But why were they there in the first place? Official reports claim that it was to keep a close eye to terrorism in that country, to avoid any future attacks. But the truth is that they are invading the country. Not by the typical invasion, they’re not there to claim the territory, they’re there in an economic invasion. Afghanistan, and in general the Middle East, has a lot of petroleum production. The army there keeps the country to selling the petroleum to any other country other than the U.S.

But will this end now that they’re planning on a possible withdrawal?

Car bomb kills three in Lebanon

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A suicide car bomb in Lebanon killed at least three people and wounded 15 others on Saturday, Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency reported. The bomb exploded at a military checkpoint at Al-Assi Bridge in Hermel.

Two of those killed were soldiers and the other was a civilian. At least five of those wounded were soldiers. The location is in northeastern Lebanon near the Syrian border.

Prime Minister Tamam Salam called the act a “terrorist attack against a cornerstone of the nation.”

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Blast in Lybia kills 10

US loses Unesco voting rights

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UN cultural agency Unesco has suspended US voting rights after Washington skipped a deadline for paying its dues. The US stopped its contributions, which make up about a fifth of the agency’s funding, when Unesco gave the Palestinians membership in 2011.

Israel, which halted its dues at the same time, has also had its Unesco voting rights suspended. The US and Israel said admitting the Palestinians was a misguided attempt to bypass the Middle East peace process.

The event affects the entire organization of Unesco and all of it’s members since without the sufficient money, no larger programs can be set in action. Unesco’s loss of $80m a year in US funding has forced it to pare back American-led initiatives, including Holocaust education and a project to restore water facilities in Iraq.

Palestine at Unesco:




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Vaccinations in Middle East to contain outbreak

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November 8th, 2013

Health officials announced  a campaign to vaccinate more than 20 million children against polio and other diseases across seven Middle Eastern nations and territories. The announcement, by the World Health Organization and UNICEF, comes a week after an outbreak of polio was confirmed in Syria for the first time since 1999. Ten children have been left paralyzed, and hundreds of thousands are at risk.

“We will expect to see more cases, certainly in Syria if not in surrounding countries,” Sonia Bari, a spokeswoman for polio eradication for WHO, said in a telephone interview. She noted that 200 children are estimated to be infected for every case of polio-caused paralysis.

If the outbreak is not quickly treated, it may extend to Europe (for more info read http://wp.me/p43zri-20) and it may spread out widely, as the Lancet Journal of France says “because only one in 200 people infected develops paralysis it could take a year of “silent transmission” before an outbreak is detected”, in that time hundreds of individuals could be carrying the infection.


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Iraq suicidal bombers strike

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November 7th, 2013. Two suicidal bombers attacked a military base in north Tarmiya, Iraq, killing 16 people and leaving injured 39. One bomber blew up a car laden with explosives at the entrance of the base before the second bomber struck inside the compound itself. No terrorist group has claimed this attack.

As another CyanPeople update says (http://wp.me/p43zri-L) violence in Iraq has killed over 6,000 people this year only according to the UN, with 2,000 victims last two months ago.

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Violence in Iraq continues

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A group of gunmen in Tikrit, Iraq killed a local council leader and his entire family, with a total of six casualities. The gunmen then planted bombs in the house and exploded it.

In Mosul, a bomb at a vegetable market killed three people and wounded 10 others. In Anah, a suicide car bomber targeted an Iraqi army security checkpoint, killing three Iraqi soldiers and wounding five others.And in Baghdad, two people were shot dead by gunmen in two incidents.

Violence in Iraq has killed nearly 6,000 people this year, according to the United Nations.


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