Volcano Pacaya erupts, Guatemala

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A volcano has erupted in Guatemala, prompting the authorities to consider the evacuation of some 3,000 people living in the area. The Pacaya volcano began spewing ash and lava after a powerful explosion on Saturday afternoon. New explosions were seen on Sunday, with ash clouds reaching a height or at least 4km (3 miles).

The volcano is 2,500 meters (8,300 ft) tall.
The volcano is 2,500 meters (8,300 ft) tall.

Flights have been diverted from the area, some 50km (30 miles) south of the capital, Guatemala City.

The Pacaya is one of three active volcanoes in the Central American nation. The other two are the Fuego and the Santa Maria.


Rios Montt genocide trial to resume 2015

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First of all, some backstory of this:

Guatemalan ex-military leader Efrain Rios Montt, 87, was acused of genocide. During his 17-month rule in the 80’s, it is thought that at least 1,770 Ixil Maya (indigenous people) were killed in over 626 massacres. Trials began in March this year and Montt was convited to 80 years in prison, but the conviction was overturned when it was declared that Montt did not go through the due process. A court officer said that judges will be busy with other cases so the case was posponed to January 2015.

Ixil Maya protesting the overturn of Montt’s sentence:


Efrain Rios Montt during one of the trials:





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