UN to send more aid to Syria

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Hoping to ease suffering in Syria’s besieged cities, the UN Security Council unanimously passed a resolution to boost access for humanitarian aid. All 15 Security Council member states approved the resolution, including Russian and China which had balked in the past.

The document calls for an end to violence, including the use of barrel bombs, and condemns al Qaeda-affiliated terror attacks.

The council strongly condemned Syrian authorities for widespread violations of humanitarian law and urged all parties to lift sieges of populated areas, including in Aleppo, Damascus and Homs.

“This resolution holds the promise of something real,” U.S. Secretary John Kerry said in a statement.


Syrian al-Qaeda rebel commander killed

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A senior rebel commander linked to al-Qaeda has been killed in a suicide attack in the Syrian city of Aleppo. Abu Khaled al-Suri was among several people who died in the attack on a compound of his militant group, Ahrar al-Sham, activists say.

Another militant group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as ISIS, is believed to be responsible. ISIS is engaged in a bloody power struggle with rival factions in the Syrian rebellion.

It has been engaged in violent clashes with other rebel groups since early January in which hundreds of fighters have been killed on both sides.

Ahrar al-Sham is a prominent, hard-line rebel group, part of a powerful alliance of seven groups known as the Islamic Front.

According to rebel and activist sources, the attack was carried out by one suicide bomber  (or possibly two)  who penetrated its headquarters in Aleppo.

Militants attack presidential palace in Mogadishu

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Militants carried out a deadly attack on Somalia’s presidential palace Friday, officials and eyewitnesses said. An explosion at the gate was followed by an exchange of gunfire between the fighters and security guards, police officer Abdi Mohamed said.

A U.N. representative said in a post on Twitter that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud told him by phone that he was unharmed.

Terror network Al-Shabaab, al Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Somalia’s national security minister, Adbikarin Hussein Guled, said at least 12 people, seven of them Al-Shabaab attackers, were killed in the attack Two government officials who died were named as the secretary to the Prime Minister and the former deputy national intelligence agency chief, Gen. Nur Shirbow.

Sheikh Abdiaziz Abu Musab, Al-Shabaab’s military operations spokesman, said the group had achieved its objectives in the attack.

The attack comes just over a week after a car bombing near the airport in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, killed two people and wounded four more, according to police, Al-Shabaab also claimed responsibility for that attack.

The group has been designated a terrorist organization by the United States. It hopes to turn Somalia into a fundamentalist Islamic state by force but has launched attacks in other countries, such as Kenya and Uganda, that have killed dozens.

Car bomb kilss 10 in Egypt

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A car bomb has killed ten soldiers in the Sinai region, Egypt, and injured 31 more. The suicide bomber triggered the car bomb when two minibuses carrying soldiers were passing by.

No responsability has been claimed for the attack.

Last month, there was another car bomb in the same egyptian region that killed four security officers and wounding four others.


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Somali African Union base striked by bomb

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The African Union base in the city of Beledweynbe, Somalia, was struck by a bomb attack.

Witnesses report a car rammed the front gates, blew up and then gunmen came in. The spokesman of the al-Shabab group, a group related to al-Qaeda, said the group was responsible for the attack.

The car was driven by a suicider bomber whose job was to open the gates and clear it from anyone near, then, gunmen came in and started shooting at people. Ten people are reported dead.

“…The situation is now under control”, said the senior police commander Col Abdulkadir Ali from the local police force.

The al-Shabab were also responsible for the attack of the Westgate shopping center las Septmber, which killed 67 people in a four day stage.


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Iran’s embassy in Lebanon blasted

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The embassy of Iran in the city of Beirut, capital of Lebanon, has been blasted with two bombs. At least 22 are reported dead and 140 injured.

A jihadist gropu related to al-Qaeda took responsability for the act. The head of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades described it as a “double martyrdom operation carried out by two heroes from the heroic Sunnis of Lebanon”.

The reports say one of the bombs was carried by a suicide bomber and the other in a car bomb.

The iranian ambassador blamed Israel for the attack, allegations that Israel denied.

Post blast photograph
The wounded were soon taken care of


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Syrian rebel “beheaded by mistake”

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A rebel group in Syria, who is affiliated with al-Qaeda, is asking for forgiveness after they beheaded another rebel in a case of mistaken identity.

A video recently posted online showed members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) brandishing the severed, bearded head of a man, they said was an Iraqi Shia caught fighting on the government side. But other rebel fighters watching the video recognised the man and said he was one of their commanders.

The video of the beheading shows two ISIS fighters in Aleppo province – one holding a knife – brandish a severed, bearded head, denouncing their victim as an Iraqi volunteer for President Bashar al-Assad’s forces. They decry his immorality, saying he is a heathen – one of those who have threatened rape of men as much as women.

Other rebels identified the beheaded man. Members of the hardline Islamist rebel group, Harakat Ahrar al-Sham, said he was not a government fighter at all, but one of their own. They said he was a commander called Mohammed Fares Maroush.

He is believed to have been wounded in the recent battle for Base 80, south of Aleppo, with government forces and was being taken for medical treatment by rebel fighters.

But he seems to have been captured by fellow militia. The militia is dominated by Alawites, members of the president’s heterodox Shia sect.

Mr Fares is reported to have offered prayers that would have made him seem a Shia rather than a Sunni – and therefore on their side.

This was heard by ISIS fighters, and in the growing atmosphere of sectarian hatred, he was then subjected to his savage fate, our correspondent adds.


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