Sochi Winter Olypmics closing ceremony

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The Closing Ceremony is the last large-scale event of the Games at which the Games are officially concluded. The athletes take part in a parade and the spectators again experience the exciting atmosphere of the Games.

At the Closing Ceremony the Games are officially concluded when the President of the IOC gives a ceremonial speech.

Alongside the speech by the President of the IOC/IPC, the Closing Ceremony also includes a number of official elements: the performance of the national anthem and the Greek national anthem (as the birthplace of the first Olympic Games), the lowering of the flags and the athletes’ parade, and the lowering of the Olympic Flag.

But, of course, the Closing Ceremony is also another colorful show, in which brilliant artists perform, just as in the Opening Ceremony. Attending the Closing Ceremony will leave you with memories which will stay with you your whole life.

Part of the Closing Ceremony program is an artistic performance put on by the next host city of the Games. At the Closing Ceremony in Sochi, after the flag handover ceremony, there will be a performance by artists from Korea – the country in which the next host city of the Winter Olympics, Pyeongchang, is situated.

The ceremony started with a blast of fireworks, followed by a projection of ac ountdown and moving onwards to musical presentations and dance performances, acting performances and much more. The proyectors in the Fisht stadium are capable of turning the hard floor into an ocean, a desert, or anything you can think of. Millions were spent in the lights of the stadium, in an attempt to outcome the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Summer Olympics of 2008.

Over one hundred and twenty thousand are curretnly watching the ceremony in Sochi, and millions are through television and internet.

The original error in the Opening Ceremony

In minutes, this presentation will pass to history to be remembered as one of the most beautiful Olypmic ceremonies in the world.

After recognizing their mistake in the opening ceremonies, when one of the mechanic Olympic rings did not open, Russia parodized the final formation of the rings by repeating the same mistake. The ring, formed by people, started closed and then opened. President Vladimir Putin laughed about it while the crowd cheered.

The Russian national anthem was sung, as it has been a tradition for the hosting country to sing it’s own. The choir, conformed by dozens of children, sang the anthem while the Russian flag was being raised. An orchestra accompanied the choir during the presentation.

Afterwards, a musical presentation was performed. Fast rythms of drums shook the stadium.

A parade of all the flags came next. Energic music was played throught the stadium.  Then, all of the athletes of each country came out for a final walk through the stadium. The wining athletes were carrying their medals.

Speeches and final presentations were held, followed by the last of the victory ceremonies. The new members of the International Olympic Comitee were welcomed.

And finally, the artistic presentations that comemorate russian dance, painting, music, sculpture and many more.

This Sochi closing ceremony was truly one of the most beautiful in the world.


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