Joseph Kony about to surrender

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The leader of the Lord’s Resistant Army (LRA) Joseph Kony is in surrender talks with the government of the Central African Republic (CAR).

Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes. This is the first time in many years that his location is revealed.

Joseph Kony

On Wednesday, the African Union’s special envoy in the LRA told the UN Security Council that Konuy was suffering from a “serious and uncharacterized illness”.

Joseph Kony and the estimated 200-500 fighters of his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have waged war in Uganda and the region for more than two decades. He claims the LRA’s mission is to install a government in Uganda based on the Biblical Ten Commandments.

But his rebels have terrorised large swathes of the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and the CAR and he is wanted by the International Criminal Court accused of rape, mutilation and murder of civilians, as well as forcibly recruiting children to serve as soldiers and sex slaves.

Jason Russell

No one really knew about the LRA until a US activist group, Invisible Children, released a video called “Kony 2012” where they explained the situation and asked for donations to help resolve the issue. The video went viral and donations were flooding in, but the campaign was criticized by some for oversimplifying the conflict and not spending enough money of the donations in the LRA victims.

The campaign lost all its credibility when a co-founder of Invisible Children, Jason Russel, was arrested in San Diego for masturbating in public whilst drunk.

The surrender of Joseph Kony means that a lot of child soldiers who were members of the LRA can now return to their families.


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