British soldiers killed unarmed civilians

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British soldiers in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, have killed unarmed civilians over an 18 month period. The soldiers were from an undercover unit.

The ex-members of the Military Reaction Force (disbanded in 1973) said they were tasked with huntin ¡g down IRA members in Belfastm, the capital of Northern Ireland. They also said that they believes the unit was saving lives.

The details have emerged a day after Northern Ireland’s attorney general, John Larkin, suggested ending any prosecutions over Troubles-related killings that took place before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

Three former members of the unit, said they had posed as Belfast City Council road sweepers, dustmen and even “meths drinkers”, carrying out surveillance from street gutters. But they also had another work to do. One of the soldiers said that they had aslo killed suspected members of the IRA.

There were more than 10,600 shootings in Northern Ireland, and since the MRF official records have been destroyed, there is no way of knowing how many of those shootings was the MRF responsible.

There are allegations that the soldiers killed unarmed, inocent citizens, since the MRF killed with the slightest suspicion of people being an IRA member.


The Irish Republican Army was a revolutionary military organization. The IRA carried a guerilla campaign against the British rule in Ireland. The IRA planted an average of 5 bombs a day in 1972, totaling over 18,00.

The MRF was responsible of eleminating the IRA group.

The killings happened at the peak of the bombing campaign of the IRA

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