Doctor Who 50th anniversary, “England’s pride”

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Doctor Who is a British science-fiction introduced by the british television network BBC. It introduces a time-travelling alien who travels around universes to stop evil entities from the destruction of said universes.

The Doctor Who series has been running since 1963 and ever since, it has been recognized as one of Britain’s finest television programms, winning the British Academy Award in 2006.

The show has been featured in almost the entire world, and has one of the biggest fandoms all around the globe.

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is “the most awaited television event of the last 20 years”. The special chapter of the show will be shown on November 23d and will be featured worldwide.

The BBC network has decided to set this date to allow other countries, mostly from latinamerica, to syncronize with England (since every new chapter is shown in England first, they are ahead) and England has been waiting for the entire world.

Cinemas, movie theaters and even stadiums will feature the “Fifty” (as it is called by the fandom and by the BBC) as a special event. It is calculated that millions of people will be watching the Fifty.

BBC spokemen have considered Doctor Who to be the best show, if not among the best show they’ve ever had, and consider it “England’s pride”.

Doctor Who has raised millions (network income, merchandise, etc) and it is calculated that it will keep going for many years.

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