Twelve protesters arrested for violence in Egypt

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Twelve supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi have been jailed for 17 years each for taking part in a violent protest in October.

They were found guilty of thuggery, assault and sabotage at the Al-Azhar university, where they were students.

Since Mr Morsi was ousted in July, thousands of his supporters have been rounded up. Many of them, including Mr Morsi himself, have been put on trial.

Meanwhile, Egypt has lifted a nationwide state of emergency (read the article about this here: The state of emergency, which included nightly curfews, was introduced in the middle of August amid the bloodshed and unrest which followed the army’s removal of Mr Morsi from power.

It allowed the authorities to make arrests without warrants and search people’s homes, but it has also been blamed for a fall in business in Cairo, at a time when the government is trying to create jobs and revive the economy.


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