WESTERN SAHARA: Campaign for release of political prisoners

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Kurunzi Afrika


An international campaign has been launched to press for the release of 25 Western Saharan political prisoners, among them a high profile activist, jailed on trumped up charges by the occupying Moroccan authorities.

Last February, Sidahmed Lemjayed was sentenced to life imprisonment for peaceful political activities in Western Sahara – a country which has been occupied by neighbouring Morocco since 1975.

He was sentenced along with 24 others (one of them in absentia). Most of the Saharawi activists got terms of more than 25 years imprisonment. Nine of them were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Although Sidahmed Lemjayed is a civilian, he was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Moroccan military court on February 16, 2013. The charges against him were ‘membership of a criminal gang and deadly violence against members of the Moroccan security forces’ during the raid of the Gdeim Izik protest camp outside El Aaiún in Moroccan-occupied Western…

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