100 dead in Somali tropical cyclone

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Everyone’s worried about Haiyan, the super typhoon that’s currently devastating the south eastern part of Asia, but does anyone care about other storms? No, all the attention goes to one place and the rest are ignored. Here is the article:

A tropical cyclone that hit the north-eastern Somali region of Puntland over the weekend killed up to 100 people, the regional lead. Puntland’s President Abdirahman Farole said thousands of livestock had also died and hundreds of homes had been destroyed.

The semi-autonomous region was hit by strong winds, heavy rains and flash floods on Saturday and Sunday.

Some fishermen have also been reported missing.

The tropical cyclone, known as 03A, affected coastal areas and continued inland.

Mr Farole said the areas affected were now inaccessible by road.

The authorities were trying to organise to send in food – dates and biscuits – by air to those affected by the cyclone, he said.

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