Woman commits suicide and posts it on Facebook

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A picture of a dead young woman went viral on Latin American Facebook accounts in just a few hours after it’s upload.

On Friday, a young woman from Venezuela posted on her Facebook page a picture of a rope around her neck, the picture caption explained that she was threatening her ex-boyfrien, who had just broken up with her, to get back toghether with her or she would commit suicide.

The picture went viral in only a few hours, the picture was flooded with offensive comments and jokes.

Little did everyone know, the woman commited suicide about one hour after the upload of the image. Some hours later, local police officers attended a call from the young woman’s neighbour because she saw her hanging herself. Police arrived to the scene to find her dead and took a picture to upload to Facebook.

Even though news of the death of the woman was out, the picture was still being mocked on, memes and jokes are still being made.


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