Greek riots continue

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First of all, a little background on this story. On June 12th, 2013, the Greek government had to do budget-cuts on it’s country. As a result, the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation was shutdown. All of it’s workers were not happy at all, so since then, they’ve in occupation of the ERT (Hellenic Broadcating Corporation in greek) and broadcasting thorugh the internet. Today, November 7th 2013, greek riot police arrived to the scene to scatter the angry workers. Banners were hanged on the walls of the building to show the worker’s resistance, for they think the ERT shutdown was an “invasion against democracy”. The workers recieved plenty of support through online media.

The Greek government spokesman, Simos Kedikoglou, declared “The building was under illegal occupation, which resulted in daily damage of public property”. He also declared that the re-taking of the ERT happened to “enforce the law and resume legality”, although some see this act as a showing of the government’s “absolute dictactorial actions against information and democracy”.


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