Month: November 2013

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Spanish police officers evicted the staff of a public TV station in Valencia after it was ordered to shutdown. The staff were protesting against the shutdown bycontinuing to broadcast.

Valencia’s government decided to shutdown the station RTVV (Radio Television

Staff have been protesiting all month
Staff have been protesiting all month

Valenciana) after it was declared necessary to cut staff by more than half.

Police broke into RTTV building and escorted the workers out.

Spain has been struggling to improve its economy.

In Greece, the ERT broadcaster was also shutdown in June but workers barricated themselves in and continued boradcasting. Police have taken them out. (read more about this here)


Egyptian blogger arrested

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Alaa Abdul Fattah, an Egyptian blogger, was arrested by the authorities under the accusation of calling over protests in defiance of a new law that restricts demonstrations. He took part in a rally outside the Upper House of Parliment.

Protesters were demanding the banishment of the new law that bans unauthorised demonstrations.

Abdul Fattah played a leading role in the 2011 revolt against Hosni Mubarak, a governor of Egypt.

Abdul Fattah did not deny the charge. Another 24 activists were detained at the protest and will remain four days in custody under the suspicion of various charges.

Alaa Abdul Fattah
Alaa Abdul Fattah

Shootings and bombings leave 33 dead in Iraq

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A series of shootings and bombings have left at least 33 people dead across Iraq, officials say.

In Baghdad, the bodies of 18 people who had been executed were found in Shia and Sunni districts, including three men and two women from the same family.

Meanwhile, nine people died and 20 were injured in the city of Ramadi, west of the capital, when suicide bombers and gunmen attacked two police stations.

Sectarian violence has surged across the country in recent months.

The UN says 979 people – including 158 police and 127 military personnel – were killed in violent attacks in October. More than 6,500 civilians have died since January, the highest annual toll since 2008.

Read more about the violence in Iraq here:

Iraqi bombs hit religious processions

Triple bombing kills eight in Iraq

Large bomb exploded in Iraq

Russia to bail last Greenpeace activist

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A Russian court in St Petersburg has granted a bail of $60,000 USD to the Greenpeace activist Colin Russell, an Australian citizen,  who was detained at sea for protesting against Arctic oil drilling.

The other members were bailed earlier this month and they are each facing a maximum sentence of seven years in jail.

Colin Russell
Colin Russell

The arrests

Russian border guards arrested 30 people on board the Arctic Sunrise ship in September after some of the activists tried to scale an offshore drilling platform owned by state-owned natural gas giant Gazprom in the Pechora Sea.

The 30 – 28 activists and two freelance journalists – were initially charged with piracy, but authorities revised it to hooliganism.

Some of the arrested have been released (read more about this here)

World Cup stadium accident leaves two dead

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A crane fell over a metal structure of the facade at Sao Paulo’s stadium which is due to host the opening ceremony of the FIFA 2014 World Cup, two people are reported dead.

The stadium was due to be completed at the end of December to meet a FIFA deadline. Brazil has admitted it has been struggling to complete all 12 venues it is required to have for the world-wide event.

The crane was reported to be carrying a roof piece when the accident happened
The crane was reported to be carrying a roof piece when the accident happened

Mali’s coup leader charged with “murders and assassinations”

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The ex-coup leader of the Republic of Mali has been charged with various murders and assassinations.

Armed troops went to Amadou Sanogo’s home to take him before a judge, after which he was remanded in custody.

Amadou Sanogo, the ex-coup leader
Amadou Sanogo, the ex-coup leader

He has twice ignored a summons issued in October by a judge to answer questions about events surrounding the March 2012 coup.

It plunged Mali into chaos, allowing Islamist militants to take over territory in the north.

The al-Qaeda-linked insurgents were ousted from the major towns in the north with the help of France and West African troops earlier this year.

Blast in Lybia kills 10

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A blast at a weapons shop in southern Lybia has killed at least 10 people. State television said people had been attempting to steal copper wire from an arms depot in Brak al-Shati, near Sabha.

Officials report the death toll in 10, but fear it may reach 30.

Meanwhile, at least three soldiers have reportedly been killed in clashes with an armed group in Benghazi.